Boat Safari at Galoya national park

I went to Galoya national park on 30th of July. We booked “Kossapola” camp site which was located near the Senanayaka reservoir in the park.  First of all heres our camp site.


Next our major attraction. The “Senanayaka” Reservoir of Gal oya national park. From the water capacity this is the largest in Sri Lanka. I love this scene very much. Don’t you feel the sun is looks like to an UFO sending light beams to the earth creatures. 😀




This is “Eginiyagala” mountain. Land mark of the “Gal oya” national park.

Alone Elephant going back to the jungle. Male elephants usually roams alone. By the way elephants of this park are some what aggressive comparing to others.

can you identify these birds?

finally it is me. (hope i am looking good)


Samanalawava canoeing.

This is the second part of our nature trail near Samanalawava. But as the topic mentioned I didn’t went canoeing. But that was the main part of our journey. Because of that I have very few to tell. So I put all the photographs to a grid.

Nature trail at Belihuloya…

Actually Janith is not good in blogging. Anyone can see it by checking the number of visitors to this site.  I was in Belihuloya in 23rd of July.  Take a look at the map first. I started my journey from my home town Kandy to Belihuloya through Rathnapura.

route from Kandy to Belihuloya

Heres another nice photograph.

This is the view of Mt Paraiyangala from River garden hotel. This mountain marks a boundary of Horton national park. Hope to climb up there soon as possible. but no chance on this time.

Oops. I am still new to blogging. The photograph went as a thumbnail. I wonder is it possible to view it from the original size.

anyway heres the main attraction of our trail. The Bambarakanda fall. The highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, which is 790 ft in height. Not much water due to the drought but it is still looks great.

Bambarakanda Falls is situated in the Badulla District, Handumulla PC. From the Colombo – Badulla highway, turn left for Weerakoon village and continue for 5km to the fall.

Finally its me and my senior Naturalist, Ajith Rajasinghe. This time i put thumbnail. because i don’t think anyone need our 800X600 photograph.

Memories of the first appointment

Ma first appointment was to Willpattuwa. As a trainee I went with out having any previous experience. I was fortunate enough to see Sri Lankan leopard and elephant on my first day (17th of June) and Sloth bear on day after. But the most unfortunate thing was I didn’t have my camera with me.

Then I was sent to Minneriya. The camp site was great. And the this is the season of elephant gathering. Large groups of elephants were common site on the Minneriya national park. Here are some memories of Minneriya.