Blue Eared kingfisher in Wasgamuwa National Park

Now its enough being silent for several months. Time to start a new post with new heading. But the problem is the time. Until I find enough time to write a good article on Wasgamuwa National park here something interesting to look.

Blue eared kingfisher is rare bird in Sri lankan forests. Actually at the first glance i thought it as a Common kingfisher. (but it is not) . I felt theirs something strange on the common kingfisher’s colors. in that moment a real common kingfisher came to the same branch. but it flew to another branch before i shoot the photograph. anyway heres the both photographs. ( but photographs are slightly blurred. because it is not easy thing to photograph such active bird with normal camera). click on the thumb nail for enlarged view. anyway compare the two pictures and make a decision by yourself . May be janitheco was very lucky to spot a rare kingfisher or he was fooled.



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