Snaps in Uda Walawe

Uda Walawe National Park largely comprises the lower and the immediate catchments of Uda Walawa Reservoir and some parts of Mau Ara basin on the east.  The area to the west bank of Walawe Ganga is within Rathnapura District and that on the east bank of within the district of Moneragala.

My journey to Uda Walawe starts on the 2nd of September. Large number of Painted storks (Mycteria leucocephala) can be seen gathering near waters during the day time.

Uda Walawe is famous for its large number of elephants (Elephas maximus maximus). Note the third notation represent the sub species which can be found in the Sri Lanka. This is the first elephant i met. I heard different stories about the passing away about this poor thing, such as kidney disease, deadly wound etc. But still none of these hypothesizes are proved.

I was fortunate to capture this Bull elephant (tusker) to my 4x camera on my way to our camp site.

Here is  a crocodile (Crocodylus palustris). one of the biggest i photographed in Uda Walawe.

and here is a star tortoise ( Geochelone elegans). It was a large adult too. Again this was the biggest one i observed in the park. 😀

Finally its me and our tracker from dept. of Wild life, Mr. Ruwan Liyanaracchi in our camp site at “Alimankada” which means “elephant pass”. The word means the exact. Elephants came for water in Walawe river through the boundary of the camp site.





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